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Dedicated Illinois Family Law Attorney Helps You During Difficult Times

Champaign divorce lawyer is committed to your best interests

At Rogers Law Office in Champaign, Illinois, I know how important family is to my clients and will work zealously on your behalf throughout your matter. If you are getting a divorce, are seeking child custody, or want to modify your visitation or child support arrangements, I can help. My vast experience and in-depth knowledge of Illinois family law give me the ability to seek the best outcome for each of my clients.

Helping families through the process of divorce through cost-effective legal solutions

Illinois allows a streamlined procedure called Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage that speeds up the divorce process and makes it much more affordable. I may recommend using this mechanism if all of the following criteria can be met:

  • The marriage lasted less than eight years.
  • The spouses have been separated at least six months.
  • The spouses have no children together.
  • The spouses are not financially dependent on each other and have a combined income of less than $35,000.
  • The spouses do not own any real estate.
  • Neither spouse is asking for financial support.

If the parties do not meet these criteria, other cost-effective options can be explored, such as filing for an uncontested divorce when they agree on all major terms of their divorce. I can also try to negotiate a favorable divorce settlement without having to go to court.

Effectively using family law principles to obtain child custody and visitation

In Illinois, child custody is referred to as “parental responsibilities,” which includes two forms: the legal right to make important decisions on behalf of the child (called “significant decision-making responsibility”) and parenting time, which refers to the time a child spends with a parent. The court considers many factors when deciding which parent should have these parenting responsibilities. My detailed knowledge of these factors allows me to advocate for my clients’ rights. Additionally, I use collaborative techniques like mediation to help the parents agree to a reasonable parenting plan that the court can use to guide its order. Note that Illinois allows a stepparent to have parental responsibilities in limited circumstances and that other family members and people who have a relationship with the child may request visitation time with the child.

Fighting for the support your child needs

Illinois law recognizes that it is both parents’ responsibility to financially support their children, and I will help you enforce child support and other orders if the other parent does not comply with court orders. I can help you take a look at the circumstances at that time whether you are the paying or receiving parent.

Contact a knowledgeable Illinois family law attorney to learn about your rights.

No divorce, child custody, child support or other family law issue is too complex for Rogers Law Office in Champaign, Illinois. Please call 217-318-0677 or contact me online to schedule a confidential consultation.

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