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Experienced Champaign Lawyer Helps Resolve Family Law and Real Estate Matters

Illinois firm provides valuable legal advice and solutions

At Rogers Law Office, I have helped clients in the Champaign and Springfield areas since 1996 with obtaining a divorce, pursuing child custody and other family law matters, as well as with various real estate matters. I can use my extensive experience to assist you in achieving your objectives in these practice areas as well.

Knowledgeable attorney develops long-term solutions

For more than 20 years, Champaign and Springfield residents have chosen my services because I offer:

  • Customized legal strategies — I use my ample experience to develop a plan that addresses your specific concerns rather than employing a cookie-cutter approach.
  • Personalized attention — I will work closely with you, so you are always aware of the status of your case and of our next steps.
  • Cost-effective rates — I believe that you should not have to choose between your financial security and having competent help with your legal problem. I offer reasonable rates to make this assistance affordable.

Family law matters are often stressful, and real estate issues may be complex, but having a capable attorney by your side can give you the peace of mind to move forward confidently.

Empathetic and professional family law services

Where the law touches on family relationships, the legal process becomes very personal. To help you get through emotionally trying disputes with your spouse or other close relatives, I personally manage every aspect of your case. Family law issues that I regularly manage include:

  • Divorce — If you have decided to dissolve your marriage, I can explain your divorce Illinois is a no-fault state and there are provisions for a simplified divorce. I often help clients negotiate marital settlements to obtain uncontested divorces but am fully prepared to litigate when necessary.
  • Child custody — I develop unique parenting plans to fit your circumstances. I can also litigate child custody issues if necessary to protect your rights to share in the raising of your children.
  • Child support — Illinois has state guidelines for basic child support but many couples need to customize a support agreement for matters such as health insurance, private school tuition, and enrichment activities. I analyze your finances and make the best case for a result that is fair to you and your children.
  • Spousal support — Whether you are the payer or receiver, the issue of spousal support bears greatly on your financial well-being. I gather all the relevant facts to make a compelling case for fair and adequate support.

On these and many other family law matters, I am prepared to work tirelessly for the results you deserve.

Accomplished real estate lawyer has a track record of success

Real estate is a unique and valuable investment and strong legal representation can often make factor greatly in the success of a transaction. For more than 20 years, clients have trusted me with buying and selling properties. I perform the due diligence necessary to help you decide whether to execute a deal or walk away. You can be confident in my experience with deeds, title clearance, inspections, mortgages, insurance and other necessary aspects of a transaction.

Real estate should be a secure investment. Get the greatest return with advice from a knowledgeable real estate lawyer.

Mediation to resolve disputes amicably and cost-effectively

Mediation can be a much easier and less expensive way to end your marriage than going to court. As a divorce mediator, I guide couples through detailed discussions of their contested issues to reach a settlement they can present to the court for approval and inclusion in their divorce decree.

Whatever controversy you have before you, I can advise on the effectiveness of mediation to resolve it and serve as your counsel throughout the process.

Contact a compassionate Illinois attorney to protect your rights.

Rogers Law Office, in Champaign, Illinois, handles family law and real estate matters. Please call 217-318-0677 or contact me online to schedule a confidential consultation.

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